What is a spring fever?

The simplest explanation for the spring fever would be the imbalance in our bodies after the long winter months. Our immune system is weakened by the lack of sunlight and the small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables we eat during that time.

The lack of exercise and unhealthy eating leads to toxins accumulating in our bodies. During the colder months the metabolism slows down and it is harder to process food. That is why when spring comes we often feel tired and unable  to work.

The first symptoms of the spring fever are: lack of appetite, insomnia, headache, constant fatigue and loss of sense of humor.

Here are a few tips on how to fight the spring fever:


Eat healthy. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. We all know how important that is but we often ignore it. Start by eating at least one apple a day.

For breakfast choose pasta-like products. They will give you the energy boost to get you through out the whole day. You will be surprised with the effect this will have when combined with an apple. Eat wholewheat bread, dry figs and beans. At the same time try to eat less sweets but drink at least a liter and a half of water a day.

You can contact your GP about prescribing you vitamins and minerals especially to fight the fatigue. Usually those are vitamins В12, В6, В1, В2, С and D and magnesium.

It is important to be able to fully relax during this time of the year. If you can, take small naps during the day, listen to music all the time, read your favorite book one more time, make love before going to sleep.

Don’t work too hard. :) This will make you more nervous and will affect you and your co-workers in a bad way.

Make an appointment for a massage. If you don’t have the time or the money for that, ask your loved one.

Always refresh the air in the room you are in.

Change your wardrobe. Even though it’s still chilly, try to pick more colorful clothes. It is a proved fact that the color orange brightens the mood, never mind if it is in the color of your clothes or the color of your juice in the morning.

Last but not least – enjoy life and smile! :)

How to fight autumn depression

sadness in the rainSome tips for the bad mood in gloomy weather

Autumn always brings up different feelings to people. Some enjoy the season, some dread it. In autumn a lot of people suffer from depression, and the rain, cold and bad weather make it even worse. The days are shorter and the body reacts to the lack of sunlight.

Here are some tips that will help you fight depression or just the bad mood during autumn:

1. Plan your winter and spring vacation ahead. Choose your destination, find out more about it – places to see, things to do.

2. Plan a weekend away from home or a short trip somewhere.

3. Shopping might also be a solution, especially for women –  walking around malls and shops often brings back the smile.

4. Change something about your appearance – clothes, haircut, perfume. Brings back a lot of positive energy – guaranteed!

5. Make sure that your working area is always well-lighted. Bright light will help your good mood and boost your efficiency.

6. Start doing something new – dances, aerobics, swimming, etc. Sport will maintain your good shape and help your body during the cold winter months.

7. Meet up with friends more often – go out for walks, have fun. Generally – avoid lonely nights.

sad woman8. Pamper your body with scented bath oils and salts.

9. Indulge in delicious food but be careful. It is not worth it to overeat with sweets as it often happens when in depression or bad mood.  Buy different kinds of fruit and prepare yourself a tasty and healthy fruit salad.

10. Wear clothes in bright and fun colors. Dark colors bring back dark and depressive mood while the bright ones fill you up with energy. This also applies to the rooms you live and work in.

11. If you can’t live without the DVD player, you don’t have to but make sure you watch funny and unengaging movies. When the days are shorter your mind needs less stress.

Good night sleep = healthy body

People that go to bed late are most likely to have an unhealthy diet.

healthy sleep„Good night sleep is the first step towards a beautiful and healthy body“, claim researchers in the nutrition field.

However, they pay special attention to the fact that the sleep has to be not only long and peaceful, but the time of the day that we go to sleep is also very important.

Recent study results showed that people that eat late dinners and tend to go to bed late, are more likely to gain weight because the body can’t process the food the right way. This kind of a diet is often unbalanced because most of the meals are concentrated in the late hours of the day.

Using this data, scientists from the American School of Medicine at Northwestern University Faynberg found a special relation between the time that people prefer to go to bed and the change in their weight depending on different life situations.

The test study was following the condition of 51 volunteers. 23 of them were going to bed late at night and respectively were getting up late, while the rest preferred to go to bed earlier. The scientists were recording the food preferences and the time intervals each person would normally eat. The participants were wearing special equipment that measured the different phases of their sleep during the entire experiment.

The results of the conducted experiment led to the fact that people who go to bed late have far more unhealthy diet, eat less fruits and vegetables and drink more soft drinks.

They were having dinner later than 8pm and that researchers pointed out as the main cause for the change in their body weight.