How to fight autumn depression

sadness in the rainSome tips for the bad mood in gloomy weather

Autumn always brings up different feelings to people. Some enjoy the season, some dread it. In autumn a lot of people suffer from depression, and the rain, cold and bad weather make it even worse. The days are shorter and the body reacts to the lack of sunlight.

Here are some tips that will help you fight depression or just the bad mood during autumn:

1. Plan your winter and spring vacation ahead. Choose your destination, find out more about it – places to see, things to do.

2. Plan a weekend away from home or a short trip somewhere.

3. Shopping might also be a solution, especially for women –  walking around malls and shops often brings back the smile.

4. Change something about your appearance – clothes, haircut, perfume. Brings back a lot of positive energy – guaranteed!

5. Make sure that your working area is always well-lighted. Bright light will help your good mood and boost your efficiency.

6. Start doing something new – dances, aerobics, swimming, etc. Sport will maintain your good shape and help your body during the cold winter months.

7. Meet up with friends more often – go out for walks, have fun. Generally – avoid lonely nights.

sad woman8. Pamper your body with scented bath oils and salts.

9. Indulge in delicious food but be careful. It is not worth it to overeat with sweets as it often happens when in depression or bad mood.  Buy different kinds of fruit and prepare yourself a tasty and healthy fruit salad.

10. Wear clothes in bright and fun colors. Dark colors bring back dark and depressive mood while the bright ones fill you up with energy. This also applies to the rooms you live and work in.

11. If you can’t live without the DVD player, you don’t have to but make sure you watch funny and unengaging movies. When the days are shorter your mind needs less stress.