Good night sleep = healthy body

People that go to bed late are most likely to have an unhealthy diet.

healthy sleep„Good night sleep is the first step towards a beautiful and healthy body“, claim researchers in the nutrition field.

However, they pay special attention to the fact that the sleep has to be not only long and peaceful, but the time of the day that we go to sleep is also very important.

Recent study results showed that people that eat late dinners and tend to go to bed late, are more likely to gain weight because the body can’t process the food the right way. This kind of a diet is often unbalanced because most of the meals are concentrated in the late hours of the day.

Using this data, scientists from the American School of Medicine at Northwestern University Faynberg found a special relation between the time that people prefer to go to bed and the change in their weight depending on different life situations.

The test study was following the condition of 51 volunteers. 23 of them were going to bed late at night and respectively were getting up late, while the rest preferred to go to bed earlier. The scientists were recording the food preferences and the time intervals each person would normally eat. The participants were wearing special equipment that measured the different phases of their sleep during the entire experiment.

The results of the conducted experiment led to the fact that people who go to bed late have far more unhealthy diet, eat less fruits and vegetables and drink more soft drinks.

They were having dinner later than 8pm and that researchers pointed out as the main cause for the change in their body weight.